Flare Labs Team

As a co-founder of Flare and former private wealth management associate, I bring a people-centered, results-driven approach to my professional endeavors. My background in investment management has honed my empathetic and nuanced approach to solution-building, where I place a premium on setting realistic expectations and fostering trust.

My focus is on crafting creative and scalable strategies that drive user retention and revenue growth. I have a curious mindset, always asking why and how, as I strive to fully understand a brand and its product, capturing its essence and crafting strategies to effectively communicate its values to targeted end-users on a large scale.

@Jampzer jampzer

As a co-founder of Flare and former Red Bull Account Manager and Role Developer, I bring extensive experience in professional outreach and client relationship management to the Web-3 arena. My proficiency lies in fostering excitement and meaning in potential clients and communities, ensuring that the market is able to effectively discover, comprehend, and embrace your product.

@Hydraze420 hydrazeocb
Lead Developer

As a technical consultant and developer for Flare Labs with over 15 years of experience, I have spent the last years immersed in the Web 3 space. During this time, I have honed my skills in building and auditing smart contracts, assisting clients in achieving the best minting experiences, and crafting custom solutions tailored to their unique needs. I have a knack for addressing complex tasks and consistently work towards finding the ideal solution, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders. My thoughtful approach makes me not only a proficient professional but also a kind and supportive team player.

@mwh4le mrwh4le
Data Wizard

With a decade spent in major corporations, I bring a structured and strategic approach to the dynamic realm of web3. My journey through the payment industry, working with small businesses, startups, and large corporations, has taught me the value of cultural fit and strong leadership.

This path led me to web3, where I thrive as an ETH Maxi, committed to its principles of decentralisation and community development.

My passion for data and investigation has evolved into a specialisation in Solidity, Python, and exploring the intricacies of blockchain analytics, equipping me with the tools and the expertise needed to contribute effectively.