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The Team
Who we are

Our team at Flare Labs is dedicated to ensuring the successful launch of your brand through marketing, consulting, and expert guidance. With a focus on overcoming challenges in the Web3 space, we aim to facilitate the entry of your brand into the Web3 market and connect you with the consumers of Web3 products.

Since the inception of Flare Labs in November 2022 we are proud that working in collaboration with a multitude of companies ranging from start-ups to companies with valuations of hundreds of millions, Flare Labs has played a key role in helping raise over $50,000,000 in the fiscal years of 2022/2023.

What we do
Scope of Services

At Flare, we utilize a purpose-driven methodology for web3 business consulting, marketing, and go-to-market planning, guaranteed to drive success for brands and companies. Our track record as strategy leaders speaks to our effectiveness.

Our approach involves bridging the gap between technology, product, and innovation leaders to facilitate cross-collaboration and align the brightest minds and clients. This results in a thriving environment for collaboration and helps to drive growth through a unified strategy.

Our Services:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Go-to-Market Strategy Solutions
  • Collaborations
  • Third-Party Offerings:

i. Solidity and Front-End Development
ii. Technical Audits
iii. Discord Builds
iv. Community Moderation

At Flare Labs, we specialize in supporting established brands as they navigate the complexities of Web3 and establish a strong connection with consumers.

Recent projects
Flare: Igniting Your Blockchain Journey

Delabs, a South Korean game studio, secured a substantial $100 million USD investment from its parent company, 433m, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Delabs is embarking on the launch of three distinct video games that seamlessly integrate blockchain technology, aiming to enhance user experiences, establish a tradable digital economy, and push the frontiers of blockchain advancements.

Under the leadership of CEO Joon Mo Kwon, former CEO of Nexon Mobile, a renowned Korean game studio with a valuation of $25 billion and credited for creating games like Maplestory, Delabs is poised for significant impact in the gaming industry.

To bolster their endeavors, Flare Labs is actively providing comprehensive consulting services, guiding Delabs in crafting effective marketing and product strategies.

Raised: $750,000
Wall Street Memes

Flare Labs played a key role in assembling a robust network of influencers and product ambassadors, spearheading a targeted marketing campaign to amplify awareness for the offerings presented by Wall Street Memes.

Raised: $15,000,000

Flare Labs partnered with Chappyz to assemble a select group of highly regarded individuals who not only believe in but also comprehend the product. Together, we executed a successful marketing campaign. Chappyz achieved remarkable results by raising over 1 million dollars in their Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and is currently active on Bitget and Gate.io. The project has garnered an impressive community of over 60,000 members, cultivated through a diverse array of social media marketing strategies.

Raised: $1,000,000
H.E.L.I.X Metaverse

Flare Labs is proud to be engaged in an ongoing consultancy relationship with H.E.L.I.X. Through a collaborative effort, we have successfully crafted and implemented marketing strategies, internal rollouts, and go-to-market campaigns for the Founders Pass & Land sale. Our efforts have contributed to the growth of H.E.L.I.X.'s social media presence, heightened excitement, and effectively showcased the world-class Metaverse and vision of the team. Join us in exploring the most immersive Metaverse experience, built by @HypersonicLabs, where blockchain gaming is made fun and accessible for all.

Raised: $3,000,000

Flare Labs served as the all-encompassing solution, taking on the role of the quarterback, overseeing the entirety of Bullyverse's marketing campaigns, social media growth strategies, and go-to-market strategies. Flare diligently crafted a comprehensive strategy to establish a robust foundation, fostering a thriving environment that ultimately led to the successful minting of Bullyverse.

Raised: $500,000+

Flare Labs is incredibly proud and honored to serve as the strategy launch partner for the HEXGO mint. In partnership with HEXGO, we successfully overcame challenges encountered during their initial minting attempt and re-strategized for a successful re-launch.

Our efforts, which included refining the value proposition, resulted in an overwhelmingly successful outcome, with the HEXGO mint selling out 600 ETH in under three minutes. We are proud of our role in bringing this innovative product to market and continue to provide ongoing consultancy services to the HEXGO team and Mike Farleigh, offering strategic support and guidance.

Raised: $1,500,000
Worlds Beyond

Despite an initial setback caused by a third-party contract failure, Flare Labs worked diligently to re-strategize, secure strategic partnerships, increase organic exposure, and generate high levels of excitement among their audience. This resulted in a successful primary metaverse land sale for Worlds Beyond, and their continued growth and success with the support of venture capitalists to scale their ecosystem and enhance delivery speed. A truly remarkable achievement.

Raised: $750,000
Currently working with.....

At Flare, we work with a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar brands and Billboard-topping DJs. Our goal is to help our clients embrace blockchain technology and create successful branding strategies that are well-received and recognized by their target audience.

We are proud to currently be working with a number of notable clients, including:

Delabs is currently guiding the former CEO of Nexon Mobile, a 25 billion dollar publicly traded company, Joon Mo Kwon , in formulating their comprehensive Web3 go-to-market strategy and establishing key networking relationships. This initiative aligns with their upcoming launch of multiple entertaining blockchain games in 2023. Delabs is eagerly anticipating the release of their second title on the blockchain, and we look forward to presenting the diverse range of value offerings that will be unveiled.

Our aim is to provide value to our clients and help them achieve their goals through the power of blockchain technology.

We have also worked with many companies such as Rifters, Gakko, Deep Objects, award winning artists the Haas Brothers on Multibeasts, Pluto Misfits, Wallet Wars by Balthazar DAO, Portal Coin, Lendal Pro, and many many more.